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We at New Oil Generation focus on the research, development and application of innovative Enhanced Oil Recovery technologies, specifically designed for heavy crude oil reservoirs.


After years of testing and hard work, we completed the development of our technology and made it perfect. During 2019, we introduced the latest generation of SHEVER 2.0 ECT Mobile Unit, designed for stimulation of heavy oil reservoirs. The technology was developed on the basis of controlled Binary Mixture processing and our method is unique and patented.

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We don't sell products. We establish partnerships, create values, assist you with your needs and enhance oil production.

We don't build huge facilities. Once the operation is done, we leave no trace. That is our environmental legacy. 

We don't get stuck. We choose the optimal technology for mobility and minimal impact. 

Maximize your production, minimize your environmental footprint. Safely and reliably.

This is New Oil Generation.



What is Exothermic Chemical Treatment (ECT)?

  • ECT is an Enhanced Oil Recovery method, although it can also be considered as a primary production method.

  • ECT is a thermal recovery method of heavy oil that promotes reservoir stimulation through the triple effect of chemical reaction generating heat, pressure and nitrogen gas.

  • The objective of ECT is to achieve the highest recovery factor possible, not only through the primary effects of chemical reaction, but also by activating nonproducing layers containing heavy oil.

  • By employing ECT technology and increasing the recovery factor of the oilfield, we reduce the overall energy input necessary for further infrastructure and facility development of the oilfield. No construction = no pollution.

Exothermic Chemical Treatment Scheme

How does ECT work?

ECT Wellsite
  • ECT technology uses a combination of chemicals – scientifically called Binary Mixture – to heat and pressurize the reservoir pay zone. The liquid solution of chemical reagents is delivered via the SHEVER platform into the New Oil Generation Injection Spearhead installed in a well. Here, Binary Mixture elements react and produce significant amounts of energy which heats the pay zone and generate gases, leading to significantly lower oil viscosity and higher pressure.

  • The reaction is fully controlled as it takes place at the Injection Spearhead. Our in-house developed software platform commands the integrated logging system interconnected with highly responsive sensors and tools managing the whole EOR operation.

Why is ECT so effective?

ECT stimulates the reservoir by means of:

  • Temperature significantly reduces viscosity and increases oil production rates as a result of heating the producing reservoir.

  • Due to released gases, a system of micro fracks is created and regenerates reservoir pressure.

  • Nitrogen gas generation and its penetration into the oil reservoir under high pressure considerably improves relative oil permeability.



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