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We are ready to be deployed anywhere in the world in a short period of time. Each ECT operation is customized based upon the oilfield operator needs and our final well treatment plan.

Configuration 1: Huff&Puff

Configuration 2: Injection/Production

ECT application is being periodically conducted on a separate injection well while increasing the production in production wells.


What does ECT operation look like on the wellsite?

We conduct ECT operation in terms of days on the wellsite, pack our unit and go. You just need to take care of the oil production surplus.


ECT – the state-of-the-art technology and the new generation of upstream operations


  • Oil production increase lasts up to 6 months after applying the Huff&Puff treatment.

  • When suitable reservoir conditions are met, Oil Recovery Factor after the ECT application can be increased by additional 20 %. In case of treatment of a single production well through Huff&Puff ECT configuration, the additional oil production can be multiplied up to 10-times.

  • As a positive side-effect, the Huff&Puff treatment can stimulate other nearby wells.

  • Thanks to our control and monitoring unit, the process is under control at every moment of the operation
    and it allows us to use high volumes of Binary Mixture and thus achieve a long-lasting effect.

  • We strictly follow our technological guidelines that ensure proper and secure procedures.

  • Our technology doesn’t change the reservoir characteristics, fluid properties and well integrity.

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