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ECT application is the best solution for the following cases:

  1. Restarting of oil production after a temporary shut-down, such as after the 2020 oil-crisis and COVID-19 pandemics.

  2. Reopening of abandoned wells.

  3. Extending the life cycle of wells.

  4. ECT can be also used in cases of producing wells in order to increase production through activating heavy-oil layers of the reservoir.

How we proceed:


Before we are able to conduct an operation on your wellsite, we need to duly analyze the oil reservoir and wells intended for the Exothermic Chemical Treatment.

  1. We gather data from the oilfield operator including: detailed knowledge of production history; geophysical well logs; perforation zone; geological, stratigraphic and petrographic information; PVT analysis; water content and other substances in petroleum; reservoir drive mechanism; pressure temperature in the well; maximum temperature and pressure well bore limits; well position in the oil field; and any possible problems that may have occurred during production. All the data are submitted to our specialists through our technical questionnaire we provide.

  2. Once we process all your data, we prepare a feasibility study with a final well treatment plan involving modelling of the ECT application process on the well.

  3. Final agreement with the oilfield operator.

Important note: At this stage, we might evaluate your data and come to the conclusion the reservoir or the well is not suitable for the ECT. This is all to avoid any potential risk for a client, or damage to a well or a reservoir – we always play it safe.

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